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In general Mandate-Ship certified personnel are doing their best to bring clear options in front of the buyers and make an efficient deal to sustain safe, efficient and continuous supply of products bringing Forex to the state and widening the industry.

Crude oil and Petroleum products have so far played and are still playing the basic role in the development of the world. By this we mean the fossil fuel that has ignited the sparks of development in the globe is Coal, and the fossil fuel which has fostered the growth and taking the world to the next level are Crude Oil and Petroleum products. Russia and Saudi Arabia are so far, the largest oil and gas producers of the world and Russia is considered to have highest proven reserves of hydrocarbons in the world.

Saudi Arabia and Russia both have a diverse market for their products, but somewhere Russia dominates. Russia is a key supplier to European Union and especially China and the United States. This is about the oil and gas industry of Russia. Russia’s private/state owned E & P companies and Refineries contribute to the Russian economy by exporting huge value of Crude oil and refined products including Aviation Kerosene, Russian Mazut, Russian Diesel gasoil, Russian Virgin fuel oil to name a few. These Exports brings Russia a massive forex and obviously makes it outshine its counterparts in the industry.

This export is done through different agreements and memorandums, procedures and contracts agreement that are binding and respected. One of the trends we are discussing here is Mandate-Ship, where you are our authorised broker/reseller/middleman under the laws of Russia as well as international laws to address buyers and make deals, securing the middleman/broker interest for your company. Mandate-Ship certificate makes one find buyers for our products in Rotterdam, Houston and Russian and foster the export growth..

Selling products via Mandate-Ship is simpler, outsourced and industry widening indicator. This method has widened the industry and involved more of the stakes in the transportation and supplying of the products. Mandate-Ship method utilizes people from other areas and working in a separate environment finding buyers and arranging supply of products to the desired and ordered locations. In this method, all sale-purchase agreements are done as per market general trends involving guarantees and bank agreements. This method of sales help in seizing the dwindling of energy market and improves the sales. This method sustains and stabilizes the uninterrupted cash flow to both the refinery and the buyer who sells products acquired. It helps in responding very well to the changing global oil market dynamics and keeps the refinery always on the top for the buyers abroad. It permits maximum export of the product from the state and understands well the supply demand fluctuations.

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