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Tracing its company roots to 2006, NK Petoil, LLC,. provides wholesale distribution, storage and transportation of petroleum products including asphalt, kerosene, fuel oil, diesel fuel, heavy oil, gasoline, marine bunkers, etc. NK Petoil maintains storage and distribution capacity throughout Asia, and Europe with top leading oil tank farms, shipping companies and oil refineries terminals, including service to international destinations.

NK Petoil, LLC

NK Petoil, LLC., is a leading energy and transportation products distributor and marketer. For more than 11 years, NK Petoil, LLC has been recognized by our customers and partners for our value-adding approach in the distribution, marketing, trading and operations of fuel and renewable energy products from Russian Federation and Rotterdam Ports to more than 50 Ports in the world. NK Petoil, LLC prides itself on delivering unconventional, creative solutions that give our customers a competitive edge. Our wholesale Oil and Gas department is a leading nationwide marketer of unbranded petroleum products. Customers receive dependable supply and competitive pricing (same as that of the refineries in Russian Federation) on a variety of petroleum products. We pride ourselves on finding a better way? to meet our customers’ unique needs and save them the costs, time and red-tape involved in buying directly from refineries. With us you do not have to wait for months or years to receive your product as we can secure allocations for you and make deliveries in weeks as we partner with top oil firms in Russia to have same services delivered to you in a time frame your management can relate to.

It’s more than intuition or instinct that make us a comprehensive and integrated fuel distributor; it's experience, it's know-how, it's market intelligence. For more than 13 years, NK Petoil LLC has been in the fuel business. During that time we have developed and fine-tuned proven and tested best practices for our customers. Market intelligence is critical in the fuel business. We know the fuel markets very well. It starts with our extensive team of commodity traders who bring a diverse range of industry experience to the table. Our traders have worked for major refiners, global trading companies, large fuel distributors and brokerages. To help these professionals get you the fuel your operation needs, we have relationships with multiple supply partners and purchase in a variety of cash markets. In addition, we purchase using multiple pricing programs in both the physical and paper markets such as trading futures, options and swaps. All of this market intelligence gives us the flexibility to take advantage of prevailing market conditions and bring value to our customers. All of this logistical know-how in getting your fuel to your operation is second nature to us, and our customers benefit from it every day.

NK Petoil's supply and risk management expertise helps customers navigate price and supply volatility, giving them greater certainty and control. We serve the commercial, wholesale and retail markets, and our products and solutions are as varied as our customers’ needs. As a distributor, we’re large enough for leverage but nimble enough to provide customized solutions and personalized service. When looking for a fair price, the best service and the right solution for your fueling needs go with NK Petoil. It’s more than just intuition that sets us apart. It’s experience and market knowledge. From our management team to our traders, the depth and breadth of our knowledge and expertise is what sets us apart. NK Petoil prides itself in being a leader in the wholesale distribution of petroleum products by providing on-demand products, solutions, and delivery/tank storages to our clients while maintaining consistent, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service to all of our many customers and partners.

Flexible contract pricing

We’re large enough to have the resources you need when you need them, but small enough to develop a flexible pricing contract that works for you and your business. Work with one of our marketers to develop a contract pricing plan that meets your business needs.


Enjoy peace of mind when you work with NK Petoil, LLC marketers to establish a firm fixed fuel contract. For a specified period of time we will give you a firm price, no matter what the market does.

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